Closet Doors Sliding Installation Steps

Jun 7th

Closet doors sliding whether it is finished or unfinished in solid and hollow core options, become popular on bedroom closets. If you want to install the closet doors sliding, here are some steps you can follow. But, before you start to do the installation steps, it is better for you to choose the finished doors since it will be easier to do the installation rather than the unfinished doors.

Mirrored Closet Doors Sliding

To start the process of closet doors sliding installation, you can start with building the frame.

First, you should measure the door opening. Then continue by cutting the door frame to the length. While you are lay outing the pieces, you have to make sure that they are square. Then you can nail the frame.

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Continue the step by setting the frame inside the opening. To ensure the frame legs are plumb, you can use a level. To adjust and provide a nailing surface, use shims. Then the frame can be attached in place by using nail or screw through the shims. After that you can trim the door, first of all measure the door opening and add in the track dimension. Make sure they are fit so that is why you should measure and trim the door. Then, use a utility knife to do the scoring of the bottom of the door. Trim the door once again by using a circular saw to length, and as your guide, you can use the score mark.

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The next step is attaching the top track with the hardware by following the manufacturer’s instructions. After that the door brackets and rollers can be installed, but before you do this process you have to make sure that the hardware will not interfere with the rollers movement. Then you can start to set the door rollers and hang the door in place.

Before you finish the installation process, make sure the doors are plumb and level by checking and adjust them if they needed. If you have already checked them, continue by installing the floor guides and door hardware. Last, you can install the door hardware inset inside the door to allow the closet doors sliding to move easily.

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